SCRATCH LAB is our newest residency program. SCRATCH LAB is a flexible creative space and time to develop work. This opportunity provides a five day engagement to help generate brand new work or iterate existing work. The LAB is an experimental and generative opportunity for artists to hone in on particular aspects of their piece, craft or practice in a focused way. SCRATCH LAB hours are available from Monday - Friday 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm.  SCRATCH LAB includes 25 hours of rehearsal time and one work in progress sharing.



We seek artists whose work does the following:

  • Responds to social justice themes
  • Innovates and push known aesthetics into new and dynamic interdisciplinary forms
  • Creates new original works that expand the perspectives traditionally represented in contemporary performance
  • Values interaction with community as a means of both developing content and providing broad public engagement



The work in our residencies reflects:

  • Diversity along the lines of race, ethnicity, culture, gender and sexuality
  • Experiences and perspectives of historically marginalized groups
  • Boundary pushing forms of expressive culture and aesthetic practice