Developing Artists

Developing artists provide opportunities to find and refine artistic voices and proclaim ourselves as artists. But it goes beyond that.  They empower individuals to chase and conquer their fears. They provide the tools to confront life challenges. But they can't do it alone.  They must connect to our community to affect change. The lessons learned through our process - focusing on the collaborative nature of art - translate not only to one’s artistic growth, but directly impacts one’s sense of confidence that empowers the individual’s understanding and connection to the community in which they live. Developing artists believe that learning and teaching go hand-in-hand: They embrace the importance of passing along the evolving knowledge to the next generation. 


Full Circle Productions

Full Circle Productions, founded in ’92 -established as a non-profit in ’96, is embarking on another year of cutting-edge Hip-Hop on local and international stages, streets, cyphas, and the industry. The company began as a duo comprised of Kwikstep and Rokafella, who then invited retired Hip-Hop DJ & B boy royalty to relight their fire and reclaim their crowns. Before long, Full Circle grew to include Beat boxers and MC’s and dancers of diverse ethnic backgrounds. Full Circle provided an environment for women to train and perform breaking repertoire comparable to their male counterparts on and off stage. Members, who range in age from teens to early fifties, help to create a network of interactive empowerment of elders and youth. This range creates a multi faceted cycle of learning about Hip-hop history, the industry and life lessons.