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By Chinaka Hodge

"Chasing Mehserle could be more of a meditation, an exorcism of our anger and demons, a ritual for allowing audiences, actors, directors and myself to name our pain and to have it be heard. It's a safe space to yell, which is all I really wanted to do. And, I MUST tell you—this play is NOT about Oscar Grant. It is about the people who internalized his story, who sometimes made it about them, who saw themselves on that platform and wanted to yell or sob or give up. It is about my city, our city, which is so often the battleground on which so many of our country's political battles begin. It is about family, and how far we will go to protect our own. It is also about safety—what I couldn't manufacture for my younger brothers—but what they so easily deserve. Safety is the birthright of all humans, but so often black men, particularly young black men are stripped of it"  Chinaka Hodge. This work is supported by our CRITICAL BREAKS Residency. 


Earlier Event: September 23
Heartbreak Hotel: Whitney