Raquel Almazan

As a writer/performer Raquel aim is to use a full spectrum of approaches on creating new work within an interdisciplinary process. Her work is text based, in fusion with physical and ritualistic stage elements as well as visual-media, choreography, sound and stagecraft. She writes and performs solo and ensemble theatre pieces, which explore the influence of myth and history on modern female sexuality and social power. (SHE WOLVES, PORNING THE PLANET- The De- Sensitization of a Nation, SEVENTEEN DAYS.) Part of her ongoing process is to perform/ participate at social- political conferences and events. Women’s Playwriting International Conference Stockholm, Sweden and Rome, Italy for World Theatre Day at the Performing Gender and Violence in Contemporary National and Transnational Contexts Conference: international panel discussion on violence against women and how it is reflected in her work. With each play she writes, collaboration arises with a scholar, a community, with other writers on the subject she tackles: prison, pornography and prostitution with Jane Caputi, Aurora G. Morcillo, Denise Brennan and Penny Arcade.