Izzy Sanabria

A survey of the artistic career of one of the salsa generation’s most prolific artistic visionaries, Israel “Izzy” Sanabria. Mr. Sanabria is a cultural icon whose work throughout the 1970’s helped promote and illustrate the look of the New York Latin sound through his numerous album covers, poster designs, promotional designs. Izzy is also known for hosting Salsa, a show akin to Soul Train and his publishing of Latin N.Y. magazine. He is widely recognized as Mr. Salsa, a multidisciplinary artist, writer, actor, dancer, photographer, publisher, philosopher whose contributions endure to this day. The exhibit showcases Sanabria's work which encapsulates an important period of music, politics and culture in its seminal years.

"Izzy Sanabria was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, in 1939, but grew up in the Bronx after his family relocated. He attended art school and eventually found work as a commercial artist. He frequented the happening Bronx clubs of the day, where he befriended Johnny Pacheco, co-creator of the Fania All-Stars. It was through him that Izzy met Al Santiago, president of Alegre Records. The story goes that Izzy showed Santiago a drawing he’d done for a forthcoming Pacheco album and was hired on the spot, despite the fact that another artist had already been assigned the job. It was his first big job with a label, and he demonstrated exceptional talent as a draftsman. But it was when he joined Fania, that Izzy’s career took off like a rocket ship." -Izzy Sanabria: Latin Music's Renaissance Man, Tom Schnabel