Goldie Patrick

With passion as her pedagogy, Goldie E. Patrick is a Detroit native, working, living, and building artistic collaborations in Washington DC. Goldie is a spirited playwright, poet, performer, and teacher of hip-­hop education and culture. A bold advocate for Black women and girls, Goldie has gained recognition for her work as founder, and Executive Director of F.R.E.S.H.H. Inc, Females Representing Every Side of Hip-­‐Hop, a burgeoning community based organization of Black women that uses hip-hop focused cultural analysis, intergenerational mentoring, along with a Pan-African paradigm to reveal and resolve social adversities and advocate for policies that support, protect, and advance Black women and girls.

Goldie Patrick's "Name Calling" (co-directed by Candis Jones) is exciting new Hip-Hop theatre that examines the trials of one woman to stay afloat in her world.